website on eating ticket problem. Before the news, said the person in charge of the lottery sales agreement forged, secretly prepared a set of selective ticket configured to filter the winning rate is not high bets, selective ticket. And its not part of the ticket is the main source of income. The site is only illegal business income reached nearly 500 million within six months.It is worth mentioning that the air jordan 6 retro   illegal sales may also appear on the lottery website selling problem areas, namely the rebate to the Lottery, the phenomenon is generally present in the small-scale site. "This is mainly to attract customers. Some lottery websites in order to attract lottery, his own commission to come up with a few points from which to large customers, such as professional lottery some sites that can help pull sales site, the site might give him a portion of the commission This is not allowed in lottery sales, and so was discounted ticket sales. "Su Jia told financial weekly newspaper reporter.A-share listed companies get together 18 layoutOver the past 2014, for the lottery industry can be described as turbulent, became the focus of one of the capital markets sector.Pantone consulting statistical monitoring shows that in

 2014 a total of 22 times the lottery industry investment and merger events, in addition to some not publicly disclose details of its investments, the amount of investment has been publicly disclosed information on more than 1.9 billion yuan.These mergers and acquisitions are mainly concentrated in the upstream industries, including Lottery, color species research and development, midstream industries include printing lottery, lottery sales software, downstream industries, including ticket sales, business promotion, etc., related to the listed companies, including Anne shares, Hong Bo shares Guangdong media, Gehua, Friends of A shares,air jordan 11 retro  Arts shares. A-share listed companies currently have 18 networks involving lottery.As the domestic A-share lottery printing industry heavyweights Hongbo shares is also currently active transition from traditional print to lottery lottery operators and service providers.As early as November 28, 2014, Hong Bo shares announcement that the company became "Fujian sports lottery games and gaming platform builders," the winning bidder, the winning bidder can obtain telephone sales of sports lottery agency qualification at the same time.In fact, sources of income, mainly from Hong Bo shares both B2B and B2C. In B2B, the subsidiary data Hongbo has received several

provinces Welfare Lottery data access and qualifications, and Alipay [microblogging], Suning and other sites selling color cooperation. The subsidiary in 2014 revenues for the first half of 86.57 million yuan, net profit of 7.88 million yuan, over the same period in 2013 was 1.9 million, an increase of 314.7%.In the B2C side, mainly relying Hongbo shares acquired in 2009 to the color Lele net. The site is currently over 400,000 registered users, active users over 50%. The first half of 2014, Choi Lele net revenues of 17.33 million yuan, 9.039 million yuan for the same period in 2013, representing a 91.9% increase over the same period in 2013. "The current color Lele over 1 million registered users, about half the cumulative sales of 200 million yuan, of which the number of active uair jordan 1 mens sers, accounting for more than 20%." Hongbo shares director Huang Yu had said publicly.Also born in the printing business for Anne shares also began to get involved in the field of Internet lottery sales in the past. Back in August 2013, Anne shares had since signed with Tencent lottery sales agreement, causing the stock price rose. May shares rose as much as 107%. However, its profitability worrying lottery.January 15, Anne shares released results notice, 2014 annual performance loss over 90 million, which is Anne's first loss after the listing of the shares. Among them, three quarters of 2014, the lottery business income was only 9.18 million yuan, accounting for less than 5